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Water Therapy for MS

Walking can be nearly impossible for some patients with multiple sclerosis. But in the water many can move with ease

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  1. Protect Your Prostate

    What every man should know about prostate health

  2. Marvin's Minute: 12/1

    Hulk Hogan's new book hits shelves as he considers a new bride

  3. I Heart 'Strategy Room'

    Eric Bolling hosts 'The Strategy Room' numbers game

  4. UFC 101: Melissa Pellegrino

    FOX Fight Game: Melissa Pellegrino reacts to Kurt's win at UFC 101

  5. UFC 101: Ricardo Almeida on his Win

    FOX Fight Game: Ricardo Almeida on his win against Kendall Grove at UFC 101

  6. Political Hypocrisy?

    President Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan

  7. Rod Woodson

    NFL great on being inducted into Hall of Fame

  8. First Responders

    N.Y. Waterway owner joins 'The Strategy Room' to discuss US Airways crash rescue

  9. God's the Problem?

    'Strategy Room' guests discuss a viewer's e-mail stating religion is the cause of Gaza conflict

  10. Building Women's MMA

    Fight Game, Round 2: Julie Kedzie and Jeff Osborne on future of women's fighting

  11. Il Diretore

    Exclusive Fox Car Report interview with Maserati North America President and CEO, Mark McNabb

  12. Laying of Hands

    FOX Religion correspondent Lauren Green analyzes the Sarah Palin YouTube video on's Strategy Room

  1. Question of the Day 4/17

    Strategy Room Question of the Day: Should Google pay newspapers for using their articles?

  2. N.J. Gubernatorial Debate, Pt. 2

    Candidates tackle shaky job market, negative campaigning, Supreme Court

  3. How to Avoid Jet Lag

    Prevent jet lag with these traveler-tested techniques

  4. UFC 100: Touring TapouT's Gym

    FOX Fight Game: Inside look at new, state-of-the-art training facility in Las Vegas

  5. Painless Labor

    Hypno-birthing: A new pain-free, drug-free way to deliver your baby

  6. Tyron Woodley Dissects Win

    FOX Fight Game: Tyron Woodley explains how he won during Strikeforce bout

  7. Pat Caddell

    Former Carter pollster on Obama administration and health care reform

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