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Winter Storm

Winter Storm Hits Arizona

Ski resorts blanketed with much needed snow

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  1. Flooding, Severe Mud and Debris Flows

    California’s acting governor requests major disaster status

  2. East Coast Recovery Effort

    Work crews begin snow removal

  3. A White Out Christmas

    Blizzard like conditions could hamper travelers in the Mid-West and

  4. New Year's Eve, NYC Style

    Travelers from all over the world gather in Times Square to ring in the new year

  5. Wicked Weather Pounding California

    Winter storm closes key highway

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  7. Wicked Winter

    East coast braces for a winter punch

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  1. Winter Storm Hits Los Angeles

    Snow, ice make driving conditions treacherous in Southern California

  2. Winter Storm Batters West Coast

    Blizzard conditions force highway closure in California

  3. Winter Storm Causes Headaches for Drivers in Michigan

    Slippery roads, white-out conditions make for treacherous driving in the Great Lakes State

  4. Detroit Blasted by Winter Storm

    Residents come together to help out strangers in need

  5. April Fool's Winter Storm ?

    Northeasterner's prepare for snow, wish for spring

  6. Wisconsin Truckers Having Trouble In The Snow.

    A winter storm in Wisconsin is making the roads so dangerous that it even has some professional drivers avoiding them. Fox's Jake Miller reports.

  7. Monster Storm Pounds Northeast

    Winter weather causes airport closures, Amtrak cancellations

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