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  1. CA Harbor Hit Hard by Tsunami

    Millions in damage

  2. Crescent City, CA Hit By Tsunami

    Witness talks wave of destruction

  3. Across America: Santa Cruz Harbor Reopens

    9 days after surges from the tsunami hit the West Coast officials reopen part of the harbor in California

  4. FOX Flashback #38

    Flight 103, deadly tsunami , blizzard of 1947, mad cow disease, Pilgrims land, and a puppet premiere

  5. Across America: Dead Fish Wash Ashore

    Large numbers of fish who live near the bottom of the ocean come ashore in Hawaii after tsunami

  6. Locals Start The Clean-Up In Santa Cruz

    Tsunami caused damage to boats, harbors

  7. Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

    Nuclear energy executive called Tom Sullivan's radio show to defend his industry and clear up some misconceptions about the crisis in Japan

  8. Obama: Radiation Leak Does Not Pose Risk to U.S.

    President addresses crisis in Japan, praises Japanese first responders

  9. Desperate Measures at Fukushima Power Plant

    Continued nuclear containment efforts in Japan

  10. Should American's Fear Radiation Sickness?

    Dr. Mark Siegel weighs in on the latest spike of radiation in Tokyo tap water

  11. Red Cross in US and Japan Working Hard

    What measures have the American Red Cross taken to help in Japan?

  12. West Coast Not Immune to Japan Quake

    Boats, harbors damaged by surging water

  1. Tsunami Hits Santa Cruz

    30-40 boats, harbor damaged

  2. Tsunami Smashes Harbor in California

    Surge destroys boats in Santa Cruz marina

  3. First Tsunami Waves Hit California

    What's being done to protect property in U.S.?

  4. Tsunami Waves Head to West Coast

    Residents warned to stay off beaches

  5. CA Tsunami Damage May Top $50 Million

    Santa Cruz hit hard

  6. First Waves from Tsunami Hit OR Coast

    How big will the waves get?

  7. Hawaiians React to Tsunami Warning

    Graduate student gives her perspective on the ground situation

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