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Deadly Twister Levels Hamlet

Tornado slices through Cincinnati, Arkansas

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  1. Devastating Twister Rips Through Arkansas

    Emergency workers say at least three people are dead

  2. Six Dead After Tornado Hits Midwest

    Residents salvaging destroyed homes

  3. Fire Tornado Forms in Brazil

    Rare video of weather phenomenon

  4. Tornadoes Hit Southeastern U.S.

    Winds leave path of destruction

  5. Suspected Tornadoes Batter Texas

    No injuries reported

  6. FOX Weather Forecast 12/8

    Janice Dean with today's national weather forecast

  7. Wet and Wild

    Hurricane Dolly churns ashore, making landfall near Texas-Mexico border

  8. Possible Tornado Hits PA

    Dozens of homes destroyed

  9. Lucky To Be Alive

    Man's house was in the path of a deadly New Hampshire twister

  10. Tornado Rips Through Missouri Town

    Community comes together to clean up after devastating storm

  11. Deadly Tornado Leaves Path of Destruction in Louisiana

    Major Flooding in Indianapolis

  12. Seven People Die After Tornado

    Storm ripped through Mid-West leaving a trail of debris in it's wake

  1. Storm Chaser Catches Devastating Tornado on Camera

    Dramatic video shows twister tearing apart Minnesota farmhouse

  2. Tornado Destroys Farmhouse

    Storm chaser on devastating twister

  3. Monster Twister Tears Up Farm House

    Incredible video of tornado in Minnesota

  4. FOX Week In Review 5/4/08

    Obama and Clinton, Myanmar disaster, tornadoes and volcanoes, a university drug bust, Russia shows off and a country star dies

  5. Devastation Left in Wake of Twister

    Residents pick up pieces after two strong storms touch down

  6. Caught on Tape: Colorado Tornado

    Home video of twister in Colorado

  7. 'Storm Chasers'

    Courtney Friel talks to the cast of Storm Chasers about what it's like chasing down tornadoes

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