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Gusty Wind

Monster Storm Pounds Northeast

Winter weather causes airport closures, Amtrak cancellations

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  1. Powerful Storm Slams California

    Downed trees create natural detours

  2. Violent Storms Batter Florida

    Havoc reported at air show

  3. Colorado Wildfires More Under Control

    Thousands able to return home

  4. Rip Current Risk

    Would you know how to save your life if you were caught in a rip current?

  5. Around the World: 10/8

    Deadly storm hits during rush hour in Japan; French 'Spiderman' strikes again

  6. FOX Weather Forecast 12/30

    Domenica Davis with today's national weather forecast

  7. Hurricane Tomas Bears Down on Haiti

    Evacuation warnings on quake-ravaged nation

  8. Fox Week In Review, 6/8/08

    Mid-America floods, deadly tornado, California wildfires, Texas mansion burns, high court ruling, high gas prices, tainted tomatoes, a nail in the head

  9. FOX Weather Forecast 7/10

    Rick Reichmuth with today's national weather forecast

  10. Strategy Room' Newsbreak 2/16

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  11. Around the World: 10/13

    Missile protests in South Korea; winter wonderland in Poland

  12. Around the World: Severe Thunderstorms Destroy Homes

    Inclement weather in Poland causes damage to residences, triggers fires

  1. Strong Winds Batter Louisiana Parish

    110-MPH winds cause extensive damage

  2. Video: Coast Guard Rescues Family

    Boat drifting off CA coast

  3. High Tides, Winds Lead to Flooding

    Strong winds cause rip current warnings in Florida

  4. FOX Weather Forecast 12/8

    Janice Dean with today's national weather forecast

  5. Mile-High Mystery

    Part 2: Shepard Smith follows coverage of homemade aircraft thought to be carrying a six-year-old boy

  6. FOX Weather Forecast 12/7

    Janice Dean with today's national weather forecast

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