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Violence on the Brain from Your Video Game ?

Effect of violent video games on young developing minds

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  1. The Dangers of 3D

    3D technology is everywhere. From television, to movies and even video games – it’s changing the way we experience media. But what is it doing to our health?

  2. Video Games Boost Brain Research

    Doctors observe gamers with ADD

  3. Truck's Near Miss Caught on Dashboard Camera

    Car almost wiped out by jack-knifing semi

  4. Nintendo Game System Warning

    May be harmful to kids’ eyes

  5. Generation Gap at the Office?

    What expectations do college-aged students have when they enter the work force?

  6. Six-year Old Forced into Psych Ward by School

    Child is committed for drawing disturbing picture

  7. Beck: Are We Subhuman or Superhuman?

    America faces a choice

  8. Gadgets and Games 8/07

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the latest, greatest, must-have games, apps and hardware for the tech addict in your life.

  9. Mario Returns

    Legendary 'Super Mario Bros.' creator previews all new v ideo game

  10. Beck: Bad Education

    Are we too stupid to raise our own kids?

  11. SR Best: 11/20

    Deborah Norville talks about 'Respect,' The Gatlin Brothers perform on the 'Strategy Room'

  12. How To Teach Your Kids Good Values

    Teach your kids good values with these helpful tips.

  1. Video Game Gives Kids Advice

    A new video game gives advice to children on bullying

  2. Video Game Giant Issues Warning to Parents

    Nintento says 3D games may be harmful to kids' eyes

  3. Man Sues Over Video Game Addiction

    Gamer claims addiction made him 'unable to function independently in usual daily activities'

  4. Video Game Class Offered at Arizona State University

    College offers unique class to students

  5. Video Game Showdown

    Game makers pull out the big guns this holiday season

  6. Pretty in Pixel

    Paramount Studios turning chick flicks into video games

  7. Pong Problem?

    Video game marketed to teenagers mimics college drinking game

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