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Pokemon – does it still have the X factor?

Back in 1998, a small Japanese game was released in America for the Nintendo Game Boy based on the creator’s hobby of insect collecting.The game was called Pokemon (short for “pocket monsters” which are collected instead of insects), and thanks to it, "Pokemania" would soon explode across the country in a full-blown craze encompassing toys, a TV show, trading cards, multiple video games and even movies. Even if you have never played a Pokemon game, you have probably heard of loveable yellow fuzzball Pikachu.After 17 years, the Pokemon toys and trading card have fizzled -- but the video games are as strong as ever. Nintendo has just launched two new titles in the franchise called “ Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y .” Concerned parents need not worry -- the two are essentially the same game, but each one has a handful of exclusive Pokemon in order to encourage trading. To “catch ‘em all” as the slogan goes, you must trade with others.The fundamentals of Pokemon remain the same. A young trainer ...

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