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Barrasso: 'Let States Decide to Opt-Out'

Wyoming senator on new concerns over health care costs, coverage

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  1. Inmates On The Run in Tennessee

    Inmates beat, strangled man for car

  2. 'Badger State' Joining Health Care Fray

    Wisconsin attorney general explains why his state wants to join others in 'Obamacare' legal challenge

  3. The More Not Merrier for 'Obamacare'?

    Fla. Attorney General Pam Bondi on six states wanting to join the lawsuit against Obama's national health care reform law

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    Stocks ready to keep on flexing their muscles

  6. Health Care Numbers Don't Add Up

    Lawmakers clash over interpretation of Obamacare

  7. Democrats Using Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics?

    Former debt commission co-chair Alan Simpson weighs in

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    Investigating the four Americans killed off the coast of Somalia

  9. Secret UFO Files Revealed

    Will U.S. follow suit?

  10. On The Job Hunt

    Oil boom spurs rush in West

  11. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/15

    Gov. Christie talks Tucson shooting, tax reform and teacher tenures

  12. Climbing Cost?

    Sen. Barrasso reacts to new health care reform bill audit

  1. GOP Moving Forward With Efforts to Uproot Obamacare

    Sen. Barrasso weighs in on how Republicans plan to 'prune' health care law

  2. Alan Simpson: U.S. Deficit Is 'a Disaster'

    Former debt commission co-chair on budget negotiations

  3. Republicans Taking Steps to Repeal Health Care Law

    Sen. John Barrasso weighs in

  4. Today’s Market News: 2/14

    Matt McCall’s take on the day’s economic news

  5. Cell Phone Radiation Danger

    Mobile device radiation and your brain

  6. Hits & Misses: Illinois Tax Increase

    Massive income tax hike a miss

  7. U.S. States Getting Fresh Leadership

    More than two dozen states swearing in new governors

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