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White House involved in soliciting money for pro-ObamaCare group, watchdog says

The White House allegedly was involved in seeking financial support for a pro-ObamaCare group, according to a new report issued in response to Republican concerns about the administration's fundraising efforts. Until now, outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the only official known to have solicited financial support for Enroll America, a nonprofit that promoted enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. But a Government Accountability Office report released Monday detailed not only the secretary's involvement but that of a White House adviser. According to the report, though HHS officials said they were "not aware" of any federal government officials outside the agency soliciting funds for Enroll America, a representative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation told GAO "about a discussion" in 2012 between one of their staffers and the "Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy." Though not named in the report, this would have been Jeanne Lambrew. Th...

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  1. Food freedom faces withering attack this year

    Earlier this year I warned in a column that food freedom – the right to grow, raise, produce, buy, sell, share, cook, eat and drink the foods you want – would be “un...

  2. Jeb gets frontrunner scrutiny from NYT

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • Jeb gets frontrunner scrutiny from NYT • Less than half of Georgia ObamaCare enrollees hav...

  3. DNC chair: Politics not a factor in latest Keystone delay

    Democrats come to defense of controversial move

  4. Chelsea’s baby: Why the political pundits are thrilled for Hillary

    Also ... Hillary then and now Chelsea’s baby: Why the political pundits are thrilled for Hillary Chelsea Clinton is having a baby—a nice, non-controversial story, ri...

  5. After the Buzz: Chelsea's baby, political prop

    Howard and Lauren weigh in

  6. Mainstream media avoiding pressing Obama on key issues?

    Matt Kibbe discusses the coverage

  7. users told to change passwords due to Heartbleed risk

    Users of the federal heath care exchange site have been advised to change their passwords this weekend after the Obama administration reviewed the government's vulne...

  8. Iran vs US: The ambassador battle goes to the U.N.

    Eric Shawn reports on Tehran's efforts to overturn the US ban

  9. Ukraine: 3 dead in shoot-out raises tensions

    Amb. John Bolton predicts Putin's next moves

  10. US sends small number of advanced weapons to Syrian rebels

    The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have supplied Syrian rebel groups with a small number of advanced American antitank missiles for the first time in a pilot program that cou...

  11. Sharpton: Obama 'risen' after being 'politically crucified'

    Reverend stirs controversy for Easter weekend

  12. Democrats running from the Obama 'recovery'?

    Strategists urge vulnerable candidates to avoid talking about the economy

  1. White House declines comment on petition to deport the Biebs

    The White House has two words for those who want President Barack Obama to deport Justin Bieber: No comment.Nearly 275,000 people signed an Internet petition calling...

  2. Economy improving despite White House policies?

    Harvard Professor of Economics Martin Feldstein on the state of the economy.

  3. Have Americans lost trust in the White House ?

    Dallas radio host Katrina Pierson, The Hill Managing Editor Bob Cusack and former President George W. Bush White House Aide Dee Dee Benkie on Americans’ growing lack of trust in many political leaders.

  4. White House punts Keystone decision: politics at play?

    Donald Trump sounds off

  5. 9/11 families claim White House derailing terror trial

    Lt. Col. Don Arias explains

  6. NY GOP Rep. King unsure about White House run, but campaign message appears fully formed

    New York GOP Rep. Peter King is undecided about a 2016 presidential run and starkly behind the presumptive front-runners when it comes to fundraising and organizatio...

  7. Obamas hosting annual Easter Egg Roll

    First Lady Michelle Obama is applying a healthy-eating theme to this year's Easter Egg Roll, as she and President Obama lead the annual festivities on the South Lawn...

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