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West Point

Emotional Reunion at West Point

Former Iran hostages reunite after 30 years

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  1. Presidential Address

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs previews president's plans for Afghanistan

  2. Double Trouble

    Obama feeling heat from both sides of the aisle on Afghanistan

  3. 'Obama's War'?

    What does the media make of our Afghanistan strategy?

  4. New Course of Action

    President Obama's Afghanistan strategy

  5. Tackling the Taliban

    U.S. works to train Afghan military near Pakistan border

  1. Exclusive: New Superintendent of West Point

    Lt. Gen. David Huntoon talks academics, Army's commitment to service, country

  2. West Point Welcome

    USMC superintendent talks to Shep about Obama's speech, life as a cadet

  3. 'Best & Brightest of the United States'

    Cadets at West Point begin new year

  4. Best of the Best

    Senior cadets at West Point prepare for the battlefield

  5. Constitution Island

    Revolutionary war landmark in dire need of renovation

  6. Battle Plan

    How will extra troops be used in Afghanistan?

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