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Washington State Senate Campaign Heats Up

Dino Rossi looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Patty Murphy from Washington Senate seat

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  1. Last One Out, Turn Off the Lights

    William La Jeunesse soldiers on as lights go out at Washington Senate race rally

  2. Murray vs. Rossi

    Candidates take differing approaches to tough fight for Washington Senate seat

  3. Closer Look at Democrats' Senate Battle

    Vulnerable incumbents gearing up for rough fight

  4. AK, WA Senate Races Still Undecided

    No clear winner in either contest

  5. 'Class Warfare' on Ballot in Washington State ?

    Ballot initiative taxing income on wealthy would be biggest tax hike in state's history

  6. On the Campaign Trail: Greta in Washington State

    Greta takes us behind the scenes and discusses of getting both sides of the Washington State Senate race

  7. Key Races to Watch

    Carl Cameron points out the races that could change the political landscape

  8. Sinkhole Threatens Homes in Washington State

    Underground tunnel project causing concern for homeowners

  9. Health Care Compromise?

    Sen. Cantwell posing new reform alternative

  10. Far From Over

    Amanda Knox's parents vow to continue fight to free daughter

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  12. 'Beside Myself'

    Father's fight for kidnapped son takes bizarre turn

  1. Dino Rossi vs. Patty Murray

    GOP candidate faces long-time Senate Democrat in tight race in Washington

  2. Dino Rossi Attack Ad On Patty Murray

    Campaign ad claims Patty Murray lost jobs for Washington state

  3. Campus Crisis

    Eligible freshmen being rejected by universities because of economic crisis

  4. Tax Money Begets Tax Money

    TRACKING TAXES: Public university spends thousands of taxpayer dollars on lobbying

  5. No Clear Winner in Washington Senate Contest

    Patty Murray holds on to small lead against Dino Rossi

  6. Historic Ferry Sinking in Washington State

    Dilapidated boat becoming environmental concern

  7. Murray, Rossi in Dead Heat

    Washington Senate race going down to the wire

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