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Walter B. Jones

Pols Working on Transparency Act

Rep. Walter B . Jones , (R-N.C.), on why he is co-sponsoring a bill to check government spending.

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  1. Congressman vs. President

    Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), on why he finally felt compelled to sue the President over his ongoing and unconstitutional war on Libya.

  2. 1st national monument for war dogs honors four-legged pup soldiers of World War II and beyond

    The act of Congress is in the books, the bills are paid, the sculptures are being cast, and one of the biggest parades in the world will start a glory tour and count...

  3. Rep . Walter Jones Wants Probe of District Attorney Nifong Handling Duke Rape Case

    GOP Rep. Walter Jones wants the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether the district attorney prosecuting three Duke lacrosse players charged with rape has...

  4. North Carolina Rep . Walter Jones Calls for Inquiry of Army General Involved in Soldier Scrutiny

    Republican Rep. Walter Jones has asked the Pentagon to open an investigation of a high-ranking Army official who is at the center of two probes involving possible wr...

  5. Unilateral Disarmament

    While President Obama golfs his way through the Gulf Coast's oil-drenched environmental calamity, another crisis is looming across the Potomac. America's military, i...

  6. Gen. Petraeus Admits Son Served Term in Afghanistan

    WASHINGTON -- Challenged by a congressman to "be honest" about how long American troops might have to fight in Afghanistan , Army Gen. David Petraeus revealed that h...

  7. Hill lawmakers seek to help military dogs, advocates want more

    Capitol Hill lawmakers are trying to help military service dogs finished with active duty by giving them full health benefits and streamlining their adoption process...

  8. Officials close to Marine Corps commandant discussed retaliation against newspaper, emails suggest

    Newly published emails appear to show officials close to the Marine Corps commandant plotting ways to retaliate against the Marine Corps Times last year, several mon...

  9. Lawmakers try to stall arming of Syrian opposition, as CIA presses ahead

    As the Obama administration moves to begin arming certain factions of the Syrian opposition, a bipartisan group of lawmakers ramped up their push Thursday to stall t...

  10. End the War?

    Rep . Walter Jones (R-NC) tells Alan why he thinks it's time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

  11. Suing Obama

    Rep . Walter Jones (R-NC) tells Alan why he and nine other House lawmakers are suing the Obama administration over the use of force in Libya.

  12. House Republicans ousted from key committees demand explanation from Boehner

    In a gutsy move, three House Republicans who were removed from plum committee posts are demanding an explanation from House Speaker John Boehner -- escalating the wa...

  1. Google Glass privacy concerns worry lawmakers

    Eight members of Congress on Thursday asked Google Chief Executive Larry Page to give assurances about privacy safeguards for the company's high-profile Google Glass...

  2. Pressure Mounts on Mike Nifong

    This is a partial transcript from "On the Record," December 27, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Simmering outrage in Durham, North C...

  3. It’s Your Money! (We Just Spend It)

    Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), takes on the central planners in DC who are extremely excited to spend taxpayer dollars on the welfare/warfare State.

  4. End the War in Afghanistan Now!

    Rep. Jim McGovern, (D-Mass.), and Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), on why after ten years, hundreds of billions of dollars, and countless lives lost, their bill to end the war in Afghanistan needs to be the top priority for this Congress.

  5. Into the Shutdown Abyss

    Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), on why everything, including the sacred defense budget, needs to be on the table in this budget battle.

  6. Walter Jones Says No More Wars!

    Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), on why he's disgusted with the war in Libya and does not support continuing resolutions that fund the wasteful war in Afghanistan.

  7. Saying 'No' to the PATRIOT ACT

    Rep . Walter Jones , (R-NC), on why he will vote down the PATRIOT Act extension sailing through Congress this week and stand with the small but loud group of legislators fighting for our civil liberties.

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