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Can Congress Tackle Spending?

America's Asking: Answers to your questions on new Congress

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  1. 12 in 2012: Haley Barbour

    Supporters say few Republicans are better at getting things done than Mississippi's governor

  2. Free Market Effect on the Poor

    How capitalism can improve the welfare of the nation's less fortunate

  3. The Stossel Post Show - 10.14.10

    John Stossel takes YOUR questions.

  4. Incumbents Struggling in Primaries

    Will Senator Blanche Lincoln win in Arkansas primary?

  5. Power Lunch

    What did current, future and former presidents discuss at White House meeting?

  6. Sabato's Crystal Ball

    Director of UVA Center for Politics projects numbers for presidential, Senate and House races

  7. Clues in Coed's Tragic Murder

    What evidence will crime scene provide in tracking down Morgan Harrington's killer?

  8. Analysis

    Dr. Larry Sabato on the SOTU

  9. Color Change?

    Polls suggest traditional 'red states' could be turning 'blue'

  10. Trouble Ahead?

    Are Democrats in danger this fall?

  11. Florida, Arizona Primary Preview

    Newcomer Marco Rubio and Washington fixture John McCain in heated Senate races

  12. Midterm Races Heating Up

    How many seats can Republicans pick up in the fall?

  1. States vs. DOJ on Illegal Immigration

    Growing number of states considering crackdown on illegals

  2. Tim Pawlenty Gets in Game for 2012

    What are his chances of winning GOP nomination?

  3. Democrats Score Lame-Duck Wins After Midterm Losses

    Larry Sabato on successes of lame-duck Congress

  4. After the Show Show: Pregame Festivities

    Live from Dallas for Super Bowl XLV

  5. Palin Privately Exploring Presidential Run?

    Aides to former governor reportedly on the ground in Iowa

  6. Fox News Poll on Key Senate Races

    Forecaster on battleground states

  7. Sabato Right on the Money

    Political prognosticator had highest percentage of correct election night calls

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