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Dreaded Find for Vermont Family

Family waits to find out if human remains belong to missing loved one

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  1. Fighting Ahead?

    Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on whether Speaker Pelosi is setting up a tax brawl with President-elect Obama

  2. Wild Squirrel Stalks Residents

    Vermont neighborhood attacked by gray rodent

  3. On Location

    Rick Leventhal reports from Vermont on Capt. Phillips' wife first public appearance since husband's rescue

  4. Across America: Grandmother Vanishes

    Police baffled by disappearance in tiny Vermont town

  5. Introducing the 'Jesus Toaster'

    Vermont man develops toaster that burns Jesus image on bread

  6. Does America Need Nuclear Energy?

    Debate over necessity and safety of nuclear power in United States

  7. Senate Rejects Two Spending Plans

    Budget outlines turned down as government shutdown looms again

  8. Japan to Release Radioactive Vapor at Disabled Reactor

    Former FEMA director on plans to relieve pressure at nuclear plant

  9. Relocate Future U.S. Reactors?

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission considering this move

  10. Mother Starts Cupcake Shop to Help Blind Daughter's Future

    Woman opens 'The Cupcake Hut' to start training her blind 11-year-old daughter

  11. ATF Sting Backfires?

    Were gun store owners allowed to sell to suspected cartel members?

  12. Budget Extension Approved... Again

    Senate votes on three-week measure to avoid government shutdown

  1. Vermont Gubernatorial Showdown

    Candidates address negative campaigning during debate

  2. Giant Cross Stirs Controversy in Vermont

    City tells couple told to take down cross on property

  3. Squirrel on The Attack

    Loose in Vermont neighborhood

  4. Torn in America

    Group pushing to secede Vermont from the Union

  5. Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Peggy Farabaugh, CEO of Vermont Woods Studios explains what makes her company unique from other furniture manufacturers

  6. Sanders vs. Sullivan

    FBN's Brian Sullivan takes on Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is urging Dems to use supermajority to pass national health care bill

  7. Heroes Hit the Slopes

    Wounded Warriors ski at Bromley Mountain in Vermont

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