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'Dino' Discovery

New batch of well-preserved dinosaur bones found in Utah

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  1. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  2. FOX Weather Forecast 11/4

    Janice Dean with today's national weather forecast

  3. 'Hips Don't Lie'

    Report says that your hips can say something about your personality

  4. SportsBlog: 1/7

    Major League Baseball shows they have some common sense

  5. First Look: Utah's 'Going Arizona'

    Congressman Stephen Sandstrom gives 'On the Record' a first look at his proposed immigration law

  6. Reach Out

    Study: Human touch may have some healing properties

  7. Utah Approves Guest Worker Program for Illegals

    Immigrants Plan seeks middle ground but still faces legal hurdles

  8. Avalanche Kills Skier in Utah

    6 skiers rescued from deadly avalanche

  9. Missing Utah Couple Found Dead

    Off road vacation turns deadly

  10. Police in Utah Looking for Serial Killer

    DNA linked one man to two murders

  11. Daring Rescue After Deadly Avalanche

    One dead, six rescued after massive avalanche in Utah

  12. Man Gets Car Jacked and Taken on a Wild Ride

    Car, cash stolen from Utah man

  1. Danger Struck

    Two killed in Utah avalanche; area had been considered 'extreme avalanche danger'

  2. Corruption Matrix: 1/20

    Conman makes restaurants foot bill for dry cleaning

  3. Massive Manhunt Underway for Cop Killer Suspect

    Officers comb remote desert area in Arizona for murder suspect

  4. Kelly's Court: Jailed for Love?

    New reality show star investigated for polygamy

  5. Monday's National Weather Forecast

    Steve Doocy with today's national weather forecast

  6. Understanding the Mormon Faith seeks to educate Americans about the mainly unknown religious sect

  7. Smashing Pumpkins

    Halloween fun in Salt Lake City

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