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Special Report Online: 3/9

End in sight for Wisconsin standoff?

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  1. 'Smart Power'

    If confirmed, how will Hillary Clinton do as secretary of state?

  2. Controversial Policies

    President Bush often faced criticism over his foreign policy

  3. Strategy Room News Break

    President Obama hosts job summit and a ride on the Santa Train

  4. The One Thing: 8/11

    The horror of eugenics happened; what can we learn from that mistake?

  5. 'Huge Conflicts of Interest'

    Sen. David Vitter lays out concerns facing Hillary Clinton in confirmation hearing

  6. Finishing the Job

    President Obama prepares to reveal plans for Afghanistan

  7. Odd Man Out?

    Vice President Biden is opposed to sending more troops to Afghanistan

  8. Gift of Giving

    Santa train's 67th anniversary trip delivers gifts to underprivileged kids

  9. Smooth Sailing?

    Details on Hillary Clinton confirmation hearing

  10. Clinton Concerns?

    Republican senator sounds off on issues Hillary Clinton will face if approved as secretary of state

  11. War Games!

    Ambassador Bolton tells Gibson that we cannot talk our way out our problems with Iran

  12. Palin vs. Biden

    Which VP candidate would make the best president? 'The Live Desk' panel debates

  1. Bias Bash: Presidential Explanation

    Press, Congress slam Obama over Libya

  2. Obama's Upcoming Speech on Libya

    President Obama is expected to address the nation relatively 'soon' about Libya

  3. Damage Control over Clapper's Statements

    Obama reaffirms that Qaddafi must go

  4. First Tea Partier Jumps Into 2012 Senate Race

    Jamie Radtke sets sights on Virginia Senate seat

  5. Fear of Loose Weapons in Libya

    Concern over arms ending up in the hands of terrorists

  6. Raising Eyebrows

    Not everyone in Washington is happy Vice President-elect Joe Biden has begun a fact-finding trip overseas

  7. Identity Crisis

    Joe Biden traveling overseas as vice president-elect or senator?

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