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United States Secret Service

'On the Record' Exclusive

Former White House guest list chief on how she could have prevented alleged party crashing

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  1. Enjoy the Silence?

    Few details revealed on U.S. bonds seized at Italy border

  2. 'Rawhide Down' Details Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Del Quinton Wilber gives minute-by-minute account of fateful day

  3. Fairness Doctrine Fight

    Michael Reagan reacts to liberal push to silence conservative voices

  4. Napolitano's Take

    Homeland security secretary on president's plan for Afghanistan

  5. Immediate Challenges

    New Gingrich analyzes Obama's transition and first presidential hurdles

  6. Secret Service Secrets

    Book examines what it takes to protect the president

  7. Summer Dash for Fall Cash

    Obama attends two high-dollar fundraisers in Bush country

  8. Should've Used Moviefone

    Joe Biden denied access to sold-out movie

  9. Laura Bush on 'FNS'

    Former first lady on life in and after the White House

  10. 'Sick Over This'

    Mother of woman who died on Pan Am 103 reacts to bomber's release

  11. First Lady's Spanish Spending Spree

    What message does Michelle Obama's lavish vacation send to struggling Americans

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  1. Man to Sue Secret Service ?

    Federal court tells Colorado man he can sue the Secret Service for arrest after encounter with former Vice President Dick Cheney

  2. 'Rawhide Down' Explores Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Eyewitnesses to history tell all

  3. Clutch Situation!

    Paul Sullivan on why Tiger choked!

  4. Safety First

    A look at the steps taken to keep the president-elect safe at inauguration

  5. Life of the Party?

    Ron Kessler on the party crashers

  6. Homeland Security

    New task force monitors California port and containers

  7. Homeland Security Breach

    Sen. Collins reacts to GAO finding major security flaws in federal buildings

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