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U.S.Border Patrol

Border Skirmish

Golfers fuming because Border Patrol wants to close road along Maine- Canada border

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  1. Digi-Cop

    Web site provides virtual border patrol along U.S.-Mexico border

  2. Drug Cartels Targeting U.S. Agents?

    Texas congressman reveals law enforcement warning

  3. Mexican Teen's Family Sues U.S. for Border Shooting

    Judge Napolitano breaks down case

  4. ICE Shooting Death: An Inevitable Tragedy

    Is ICE agent's shooting death a wakeup call for U.S. officials on border security and drug violence in Mexico?

  5. Can Japan’s Radiation Reach the U.S. ?

    Potassium iodide purchases increase in U.S. as radiation fears grow

  6. Fake 'Marines' Busted By Border Patrol

    13 illegals caught at checkpoint

  7. Freedom Watch: 8/19

    Part 4 of 4

  8. Escalating Drug Violence on the Border

    U . S . Customs and Border Protection commissioner responds to Mexico's deteriorating security situation

  9. Border Security Fouled By Red Tape?

    Report: Federal regulations stall projects on U.S.- Mexico border

  10. Sobering 'Birthright Citizenship' Numbers

    Study: 1 in 12 babies born in U.S. are offspring of illegal immigrants

  11. War Zone South of the Border

    Three-year turf war between Mexican drug cartels leaves staggering death toll

  12. Immigration Debate

    Minutemen Project protests San Francisco's sanctuary city policy

  1. Border Violence Threatens College Campus

    Stray bullet from Mexico shootout may have struck Texas university building

  2. Justice Served?

    Exclusive: Wives of former border patrol agents react to President Bush's clemency

  3. Update: Mexican Attack Investigation

    Official gives latest on search for the body of man allegedly killed by bandits near border

  4. Attorney Sues U.S. for Mexican Teen's Murder

    Wrongful death suit claims that Border Patrol agent used excessive, deadly force

  5. Border Safety

    New stats show fewer illegal aliens dying while crossing into U.S.

  6. Birthright Citizenship and the 8%

    New study on percentage of children in U.S. born to illegals enflames debate over 14th Amendment

  7. 'Ask Major'

    Final installment of Major Garrett's video blog

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