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U.S. Chamber of Commerce

DNC Goes After Chamber of Commerce

Democrats pick a fight with the world's largest business federation

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  1. Wallace Unplugged: Logistical Challenges

    Bret Baier on production challenges of 'Fox News Sunday'

  2. A Push For Infrastructure Improvements

    President Obama tries to add momentum to the economic recovery

  3. Democrats' Blame Game Continues

    Obama lays responsibility of crumbling economy on Republicans

  4. Gov. McDonnell on Failure of Obamanomics

    Will voters repudiate failed policies?

  5. Can Obama Rebuild Relationship With Business Community?

    Former N.Y. Gov. Pataki weighs in on announced review of federal regulations

  6. Obama Admits 'Shovel-Ready' Mistake?

    Did stimulus dollars create jobs?

  7. Media's Midterm Madness

    Panel weighs in on election coverage

  8. Brit Hume's Commentary: Desperate Times

    Democrats' attacks on the Chamber of Commerce speak volumes about the plight of the party

  9. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  10. Who's to Blame for Country's Problems?

    Panel debates which political party is more responsible

  11. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Shannon Bream gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  12. GOP Ready to Fight

    Rep. Chaffetz on the battle facing GOP if administration tries to bypass Congress on EPA rules

  1. White House Attacks on Chamber of Commerce Continue

    Administration not letting up its attacks over source of political donations

  2. Chamber of Horrors

    All-Star panel weighs in on White House's war with Chamber of Commerce

  3. Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

    White House stands by accusations against Chamber of Commerce without any hard evidence

  4. The Journal Editorial Report 10/16

    Paul Gigot talks to former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee

  5. Can Rove Sue Over Political Ad?

    DNC ad accuses conservatives of spending 'foreign money' on campaign ads

  6. Panel Plus: 10/10

    'Fox News Sunday' panel discusses Democrats' charge on fundraising

  7. Rove Responds to DNC Attack Ad

    Former Bush adviser named in latest conspiracy theory involving foreign campaign investors

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