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Transportation Security Administration

Pilot Blows Whistle on Airport Security

TSA reportedly investigating pilot for posting online videos exposing holes in system

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  1. Rep. Mica: TSA a 'Bloated Bureaucracy'

    Republican lawmaker slams airport screening system

  2. Airports No Longer Able to Opt Out of TSA

    Big win for unions?

  3. Too Many Committees?

    Panel discusses what needs to be done to create jobs in the U.S.

  4. TSA Workers Accused of Stealing

    Airport security allegedly stole cash from luggage at JFK

  5. The Verdict: 8/14

    Airlines want more personal data?

  6. Keep a Baby Calm on a Flight

    Reduce your chances of becoming the seatmate everyone hates by learning how to head off a screaming jag

  7. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  8. Air Drama

    Trace Gallagher: Inside the Qantas jet as a section of fuselage was blown away

  9. Heightened Security in Europe

    What does the recent travel alert mean for U.S. interests

  10. Suspicious Items Onboard

    DHS investigates cargo planes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, UPS truck in New York City

  11. Cash Clash

    Money dispute causes TSA to change its tune

  12. TSA Looking Into Easing Liquid Restrictions

    Critics fear easing policy will reduce security

  1. 'Reactive Nonsense'

    Aviation analyst says new TSA rules won't improve security

  2. 'Compromises Our Secondary Security'

    TSA mistakenly posts sensitive air security document online

  3. U.S. Airport Not Screening Cargo?

    Shocking allegations that thousands of packages on international flights out of Indianapolis International Airport went unchecked

  4. Loophole in Cargo Security ?

    Screening gap for cargo coming into U.S. from overseas

  5. 'Patriot Pilot' Chris Liu on TSA's Failures

    Tom Sullivan asks 'Patriot Pilot' Chris Liu and attorney Don Werno about the infamous Youtube vidoes which exposed the TSA's failures and got Liu in hot water.

  6. Safe in the Skies?

    Report: Air cargo vulnerable to terrorist attack

  7. Punished for Exposing Airport Security Flaws?

    TSA cracks down on whistleblower pilot

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