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The Pentagon

'Prevent Similar Tragedies'

Defense Secretary Gates announces review of Fort Hood massacre

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  1. Grounded Plans

    House backs down on pricey travel budget

  2. President Remarks on 2011 Budget

    Obama: 'We won't be able to bring down this deficit overnight'

  3. Pentagon Demands Wikileaks Return Secret Documents

    Spokesman Geoff Morrell urges website to 'do the right thing' or risk being forced

  4. Post 9/11 GI Bill Leaves Vets Hanging

    Will Obama push Congress for a fix?

  5. Uncounted Votes?

    Senator Cornyn wants to make sure government does all it can to count ballots of overseas military personnel

  6. Taking on the Taliban

    U.S.S. Lincoln carrier heads to Arabian Sea

  7. 'Don't Ignore the Evidence'

    Sen. Cornyn asks government not to turn blind eye in Fort Hood investigation

  8. Slashing Billions From Defense Budget

    Secretary Gates cuts defense spending to streamline military

  9. Pentagon Shifting Strategy on Bio-terror Defense

    Defense Department to focus less on treatment of the infected

  10. Defense Spending Needs 'Legitimate' Look

    Rep. Smith supports long-term look at size of defense budget

  11. Virginia Lawmakers Blast Defense Secretary Gates

    Defense cuts will eliminate thousands of jobs at Norfolk Naval Station

  12. Defense Officials Respond to Wikileaks

    Top defense officials are highly concerned over leaked memos

  1. Impact New Congress Will Have on Key Military Issue

    New Republican-controlled House could mean big changes for war in Afghanistan

  2. China's Growing Military

    World's largest standing army continues to grow

  3. Suicide and the Military

    Relationship expert Diana Falzone with advice for those having trouble re-adjusting to civilian life

  4. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  5. Star Wars?

    The U.S. could soon be in a space race with China

  6. Washington 'Insourcing'

    On the Job Hunt: Debate over private jobs returning to government

  7. More Wikileaks Releases to Come?

    Pentagon official on how leaked documents are affecting strategy in Afghanistan

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