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Debate Over Extending Patriot Act

Playing politics with America's security?

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    Democrats scramble to re-brand health care overhaul

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    Did U.S. government set-up bomber?

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    Conservative columnist evaluates potential 2012 contenders

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    Former New York City mayor on disaster relief

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  7. Military Trials to Resume at Guantanamo Bay

    Panel on president's decision on Gitmo

  8. Judge Napolitano: Obama Ignoring the Constitution?

    President claims right to incarcerate persons in Guantanamo Bay for duration of their natural lives, even after acquittal

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    Democrat defends Nazi critique of GOP health care strategy

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  12. Freedom Watch: 7/1

    Part 4 of 4

  1. Senate Approves Short-Term Extension of Patriot Act

    Bill to extend expiring provisions of anti-terror act passes Senate vote

  2. Patriot Act in Danger?

    Will changes to the law affect our national security?

  3. Key Parts of Patriot Act Extended

    House passes 10-month extension of controversial act

  4. House Extends Controversial Parts of Patriot Act

    Are security provisions necessary to keep us safe or unconstitutional?

  5. Is Outrage Justified On Radical Islam Probe?

    Former New York City mayor responds to critics of radicalization hearings

  6. Future of the Tea Party Movement

    Will elected candidates change Washington or will Washington change them?

  7. Obama's Full Plate

    All-Star panel weighs in on president's challenges in 2011

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