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The Dream Act

Harvard University Under Fire

Schools bans ROTC but welcomes illegals

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  1. Obama: 'Season of Progress for the American People'

    Pres. Obama's year end press conference

  2. Dobbs: Obama 'Gaming' the System

    FBN's Lou Dobbs takes Pres. Obama to task over his disappointment over the DREAM Act not passing, not taking on illegal immigration seriously

  3. Does New Congress Equal New Position for Obama?

    Panel weighs in on president's stance with the new GOP led Congress

  4. Will New Congress Work Together?

    Freshmen representatives rate chances for bipartisanship

  5. Time to Tackle Illegal Immigration

    How will the GOP approach immigration debate in the new Congress?

  6. Obama's Strategy For Dealing With The New Congress

    President Obama's goals and best strategies for dealing with the new Congress

  7. Retrospective of the 111th Congress

    Like it or not, the Democratic led 111th Congressed passed tons of new legislation

  8. Obamacare or PPACA: What's in a Name?

    Democrats scramble to re-brand health care overhaul

  9. Going Rogue? Republican Lawmaker Sides With Obama

    Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski votes for biggest items on president's lame-duck wish list

  10. Security Breach

    There are terror plots around the country yet we refuse to secure our borders

  11. Behind the Amnesty Memo

    Is the Obama administration considering ways to give thousands amnesty without vote in Congress?

  12. Report: Democrats Seek New 'Lame Duck' Spending

    Can U.S. economy afford new spending blitz?

  1. Obama: 'Season of Progress for Americans'

    President holds year-end press conference

  2. Impact New Congress Will Have on Key Military Issue

    New Republican-controlled House could mean big changes for war in Afghanistan

  3. Panel Plus: 1/2

    'Fox News Sunday' panel discusses the president’s strategy for governing in 2011

  4. Tough Questions From Young Voters

    President Obama defends record to young Americans

  5. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  6. DADT Repeal a Big Deal

    Majority of armed forces okay with don't ask don't tell repeal

  7. Lame Duck Congress 'Quacking'

    Juan Williams weighs in on eleventh hour accomplishments

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