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Ted Strickland

Iraq Vet Reportedly Assaulted at Campaign Rally

Veteran doused with hot coffee at campaign event featuring Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland

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  1. Big Names Hit Buckeye State

    Heavyweight help for Ohio gubernatorial candidates

  2. Obama Faces Low Approval in Ohio

    President's approval rating a factor in key battleground states

  3. The Ohio Vote

    Early voting wraps up in the Buckeye State

  4. Obama Talks Recovery in Backyard Chat

    All-Star panel responds to president's attempt to reassure voters in Ohio

  5. Political Grapevine: 1/15

    Gasoline prices are going up even though oil prices continue to fall

  6. Hannity's America: 7/7

    Obama should hit the history books before his next trip abroad

  7. GOP Chances For Congressional Tsunami

    How high will Republican wave crest?

  8. Huckabee: Midterms Good News for Obama?

    Gov. Mike Huckabee joins Tom to discuss the midterm results and how it will impact Obama's agenda...

  9. The Journal Editorial Report 10/30

    Michael Barone breaks down emerging midterm trends

  10. Bret Baier Anchors AEHQ

    Bret Baier with election night results

  11. GOP Looking to Oust Democratic Governors

    All-Star panel breaks down what's at stake in big state races

  12. 3 Races to Watch

    'Studio B' political panel breaks down game-changing races

  1. John Kasich on 'Fox and Friends'

    Ohio gubernatorial candidate on heated race

  2. Clinton, Tea Party Express Roll Into Ohio

    Must-win situation for both sides in key state

  3. Gubernatorial Race Tightens in Ohio

    GOP candidate John Kasich on his race for governor

  4. Ohio Voters Speak Out

    What's important to voters in key battleground state?

  5. John Kasich on 'Fox and Friends'

    Ohio gubernatorial candidate on the presidential attack on himself

  6. Party Leaders Plead for Votes

    President Obama, Minority Leader Boehner campaign for control of Congress

  7. All Eyes on Key Battle State

    Is Ohio vote also a referendum on Obama's policies?

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