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Tea Party Backlash

Tea Party's Warning to Winning Candidates

Movement vows to hold elected officials accountable

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  1. Is the Tea Party Toxic for the GOP?

    Former Bush speechwriter explains why the movement is 'incompatible with some conservative and Republican beliefs'

  2. Congressional Gridlock or Bipartisanship in 2011?

    Will new Congress get anything done?

  3. To Compromise or Not to Compromise

    Rep. Michele Bachmann weighs in on what issues are non-negotiable for GOP

  4. Shift in Independent Voters

    How important are independent voters in tomorrow's midterm elections

  5. GOP-Controlled House to Tackle Major Issues

    Sen. Rick Santorum on Republicans' plans in 2011

  6. Optimistic Expectations From Ranking House Democrat

    Rep. Chris Van Hollen predicts party will retain majorities in House, Senate

  7. Rendell: Sestak Can and Probably Will Win

    Pa. governor says voter turnout has been greatly underestimated in Senate race

  8. Backlash Against Congresswoman Over NASCAR Funding

    House rejects proposal to cut Army sponsorship

  9. Sens. Cornyn and McCaskill on 'FNS'

    Key senators on election battles for control of Senate

  10. Dems Keeping Tabs on GOP Agenda

    Rep. Wasserman Schultz slams 'pointless' Republican 'obsession' with repealing health care reform

  11. After Show Show: Strategy Room Preparations

    The crew helps Juliet prepare to host the Strategy Room

  12. Tea Not for Two?

    Gov. Rendell and Bill O'Reilly debate Howard Dean's claims that the Tea Party alienates American voters

  1. McCain's Take on Tea Party Influence

    Arizona senator on what movement's role in election means for GOP

  2. RNC, Tea Party at Odds?

    Chairman Michael Steele on how movement's influence will play out on Election Day and beyond

  3. GOP to Rein-In Tea Party Election Winners?

    Fred Thompson on whether Republicans will crash Tea Party's party

  4. Budget Deadline Looms

    No Compromise found on either party side

  5. Gridlock in Nevada Senate Race

    Democratic incumbent trailing Tea Party -back challenger by slim margin in latest polling

  6. Rand Paul on Tea Party's Future

    Kentucky's senator-elect on 'Fox & Friends'

  7. Will Tea Party Winners Play Nice in Congress?

    Can grassroots movement govern?

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