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Susan Collins

Debate Over Christmas Day Bomb Attempt

Does White House have a 'blind spot' on terror as one GOP senator claims?

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  1. Representatives to Return to the Hill During Summer Break

    Lawmakers to cast final vote on state aid bill

  2. Tommy Thompson

    Former HHS sec'y on health care reform

  3. Press Ignoring Security Errors?

    Has the press failed to address recent security concerns?

  4. Liberal Media Hysteria

    Bernie Goldberg analyzes press coverage of midterm elections

  5. Rethinking 9/11 Trial

    What are options now that White House considers moving 9/11 trials outside NYC?

  6. Debate Over Future of Reform

    Pelosi predicts House could pass Senate health care bill

  7. Economic Outlook

    Polls: Americans worried about economy

  8. Busy Work?

    Senate continues health care debate, but is progress being made?

  9. White House Fighting Terror Criticism

    Obama administration countering attacks on treatment of Christmas Day bombing suspect

  10. Timeline of Disaster

    Senators challenge Obama administration's actions before and after the Gulf oil spill

  11. Analysis

    Dr. Larry Sabato on the SOTU

  12. 'Outrageously Unacceptable'

    Federal building security failures spark anger on Capitol Hill

  1. Stealth Shelved?

    Navy reportedly scrapping high-tech Zumwalt-class destroyers

  2. Homeland Security Breach

    Sen. Collins reacts to GAO finding major security flaws in federal buildings

  3. Out of Her League?

    Why does Sarah Palin take so much heat?

  4. White House Spin?

    RNC Chairman Michael Steele says Snowe's vote does not mean health care bill is 'bipartisan'

  5. Competition of Flavor

    Global competition for the ultimate ice cream flavor

  6. Norm Coleman Talks Politics

    Norm Coleman talks to Heather about his career after the US Senate

  7. Potential Pitfalls

    What key details have Democrats split on health care reform?

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