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State of the Union Address


Dr. Larry Sabato on the SOTU

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  1. Did Everyone Behave During State of the Union ?

    Panel rates the speech and analyzes what was said

  2. Wallace Unplugged: The State of Our Union

    Wallace on the State of the Union address

  3. Obama's Move to Center a Substitute for Jobs Plan?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  4. Psychic Medium John Edward on Jack LaLanne's Passing

    Is fitness guru aware of outpouring of support?

  5. Congressman on Repealing Healthcare Reform

    Gosar, Garamendi on healthcare reform law

  6. Washington Gets Back to Work

    Battles loom over economy, health care

  7. Focus of State Of The Union

    Rob Taub and Flip Pidoton what Obama should key in on in speech

  8. Host Quits When Station Says 'Tone Down Islam Talk Stuff'

    Former 'Love Boat' star, congressman resigns from show after alleged pressure over controversial comments

  9. Daniel Hernandez Interview

    Shepard Smith interviews intern Daniel Hernandez

  10. Race for 2012: Rebranding Obama

    Can an incumbent president be cast as a Washington outsider?

  11. Sen. Durbin on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key Democrat on working with Republican House

  12. State of the Union Kumbaya Just Window Dressing?

    Panel picks apart what's really behind 'kumbaya moment' for state of the union address

  1. How to Write a State of the Union Address

    Former speech writer for Ronald Reagan guides us through a proper state of the union

  2. Washington Gets Back to Work

    Battles loom over economy, health care

  3. GOP: Dems Playing Dirty Politics With IRS

    Sen. Hatch claims Democrats abusing non-partisan federal agency

  4. What's Job Number 1 for New Congress?

    Incoming Republican Senator Mark Kirk on getting off to fast start in the Senate

  5. President Obama's Budget: Will Both Sides Give?

    David Tukey and Eric Yaverbaum discuss President Obama's 2012 budget

  6. President to Focus on Jobs in State of the Union Speech

    Panel weighs in on content of Obama's address

  7. Obama Offers Condolences to Japan, Addresses U.S. Energy Policy

    President pledges disaster aid and talks domestic oil

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