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State Department

  1. Travel Warning

    State Department to urge Americans to avoid 'non-essential' travel to Mexico

  2. Arizona Owed an Apology?

    Sen. McCain: State Department official should apologize for comparing Arizona to China

  3. Transition Tensions?

    Obama's U.N. ambassador pick wants separate transition team inside State Department

  4. Government Knew of Imam's Radical Remarks

    State Department says it was aware of Rauf's statements on 9/11 before sending him overseas

  5. U.S. Helping Jailed Americans in Haiti?

    State Department spokesman on measures being taken in arrest of missionaries

  6. The Current State of Japan

    Former State Department official looks at the current situation in Japan

  7. Secretary Clinton Weighs in on Falcon Lake Murder

    State Department gets involved as investigations continue in search for missing American

  8. Balance of Power

    How would a Hillary Clinton State Department work with the military?

  9. Travelling Through Disaster

    Political unrest, natural disasters, what do you do when things go bad in the country you are travelling in?

  10. U.S. Issues Travel Warning

    Officials concerned about Europe terror plot

  11. U.S., Japan Divided Over Evacuation Radius

    State Department warns Americans

  12. Effort Underway to Connect Emergency Power Line to Plant

    Shepard Smith reports from Tokyo

  1. State Department Defends Controversial Cleric's Mideast Mission

    Imam behind 'Ground Zero Mosque' tours Mideast on taxpayers' dime

  2. European Terror Warning

    State Department advises travelers to take more security precautions

  3. U.S. Keeping Up With Mideast Turmoil?

    Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on White House response to rapidly spreading unrest

  4. Warning for Americans Traveling Abroad

    State Department says U.S. citizens should stay vigilant especially in Europe

  5. P.J. Crowley on 'Studio B'

    Former State Department spokesperson on U.S. role in Libya, resignation

  6. No Regrets

    Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley joins Alan to discuss the strategy in Libya and his remarks on Bradley Manning.

  7. Europe on Edge

    State Department travel alert warns Americans of possibility of attacks

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