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Spencer Bachus

Alabama Rep . Spencer Bachus won't seek re-election

Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus, the longest-serving member of Alabama's House delegation, said Monday he will not seek re-election in 2014 after his current term.The 6th District congressman, who first made the announcement during a live interview on WBRC-TV, said he is too worried about problems like the national debt to resign, yet he also is frustrated by the climate in Washington."I am very concerned about this country," Bachus said in an interview with The Associated Press. "There's too much politics and not enough policy."Bachus, a former Alabama GOP chair who also served on the state school board, said he won't retire after his term but doesn't have any firm plans for the future."It was just that in 2015 it is time for someone else. I'm turning to a new season," Bachus said.Bachus, of Vestavia Hills, won an 11th term in Congress last November, easily defeating a Democratic challenger after an unusually stiff challenge in the GOP primary from a Tea Party-backed state senator.  Bu...

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    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.) on why the bill means for consumers and the market.

  2. Bachus says congressional ethics panel cleared him in pre-bailout investments

    The chairman of the House Financial Services Committee said Monday he's been cleared by an ethics panel that investigated his investment activities leading up to and...

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    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.), breaks down the debate over financial regulation.

  4. Report: Bachus Targeted by Insider-Trading Inquiry

    Rep. Spencer Bachus, who as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee is one of the most powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill, is the subject of an insider-tr...

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  6. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Under Legal Attack Over Broad Powers

    A small bank and two conservative advocacy groups said on Thursday that they would file a lawsuit against the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, challenging w...

  7. Are Members of Congress Ready to Admit That Insider Trading Rules Should Apply to Them, Too?

    As a result of the stock transactions revealed in my new book "Throw Them All Out" and featured on "60 Minutes ," both the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental ...

  8. Alabama Congressman Defends Remark That Palin Cost GOP the Senate

    WASHINGTON -- A leading House Republican says Sarah Palin cost the GOP control of the Senate.Questioned about those comments on Tuesday, a spokesman for Rep. Spencer...

  9. House Committee Moves to Block Pay at Fannie, Freddie

    A bill to block multi-million dollar executive pay packages at government-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac moved forward on Tuesday even as their regulator defended ...

  10. SHATTERED DREAMS: The End of Fannie and Freddie

    They date back decades, with their roots in the Great Depression . And as with anything else that has been around for so long, their mere existence, in an ever-chang...

  11. The Congressional Equivalent of Isner v. Mahut

    John Isner and Nicolas Mahut completed the longest match in tennis history Thursday. Isner won the monumental fifth game by the staggering score of 70-68 during a sa...

  12. Lawmakers Express Hope for Bailout Deal; Republicans Seek Private Insurance Plan

    Senior House and Senate lawmakers expressed confidence Friday that they were back on track with a financial bailout plan and would be able to hammer out an agreement...

  1. Rep . Spencer Bachus on Efforts to End the Volcker Rule

    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.), on the flaws with the Volcker Rule and why it should be repealed.

  2. Slow Down!

    Rep . Spencer Bachus warns against Congress rushing release of bailout

  3. Bachus: We're Going to End Too Big to Fail

    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.) weighs in on tax hikes, the future of Fannie and Freddie and financial regulation.

  4. Bachus: 'Too Big To Fail' is Un-American

    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.), weighs in on taxes, government spending and Wall Street.

  5. Obama Struggles for Warren Support

    FBN's Charlie Gasparino with Rep . Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) on President Obama's struggle to nominate Elizabeth Warren to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  6. Bachus: Obama's Plan Could Force an FHA Bailout

    House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R-Ala.), explains why Obama's housing plan is risky.

  7. More Power for Fed?

    Rep . Spencer Bachus , (R) Alabama, discusses whether Congress will give the Fed the supercop authority it wants to regulate and intervene with investment banks.

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