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South Dakota

Justifiable Homicide?

Alan confronts South Dakota state Rep. Phil Jensen for refusing to defend his bill which would make killing someone to protect a fetus 'justifiable homicide'

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  1. Sen. Thune Unveils New Budget Plan

    Senator's plan fuels reports he may run for president

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  3. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/9

    Casey Kasem: pinhead or patriot?

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    Chris Wallace on Obama!

  5. State of the Union 'Prom King'

    Sen. John Thune responds to joke on bipartisan speech 'date' with Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, takes on Obama's address

  6. Rove Responds

    Former senior Bush adviser on health care reform, dismissal of federal prosecutors

  7. 'Abuse of Legislative Power'

    Sen. Thune on possible use of 'nuclear option' to pass health care bill

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  9. Remembering a Friend

    FNC Washington bureau chief Brian Wilson pays tribute to Tony Snow

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    Vacant row home crumbles in Maryland

  11. Saber Rattling

    Russia: Will take military action if U.S.-Czech missile defense system moves forward

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  1. Infringing on Women's Rights?

    Alan confronts anti-abortion activist Dr. Allen Unruh for defending a new S . D . law requiring women to wait 3 days to undergo a legal abortion

  2. GOP Freshmen: Boehner Says No Agreement on Budget Deal

    Freshman liaison to House GOP leadership Rep. Kristi Noem on spending showdown

  3. 50 Jobs in 50 States

    Hard time finding a job? Try working 50 jobs in 50 states

  4. Chaos Continues in Madison

    Power Panel: Calls for union strikes in Wisconsin

  5. Should D.C. Take a Pay Cut if Government Shuts Down?

    Democratic lawmaker says if Congress and the president can't get the job done, they shouldn't get paid

  6. Sen. John Thune: Prepping for a 2012 White House Run?

    South Dakota senator sparks rumors with travel schedule and proposal to cut government spending

  7. Can Congress Unite on Education Reform?

    Congresswoman-elect Kristy Noem weighs in

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