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South Carolina

BMW's $1 Billion Expansion

New facility will bring 1,600 jobs to South Carolina

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  1. Gov. Haley Takes on Obamacare

    South Carolina governor on fight against implementation of health care law

  2. Turning the Transparency Table?

    Nikki Haley holds lead so far in S.C. gubernatorial race, despite questions about her own tax records

  3. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 2: South Carolina lieutenant governor on Sanford scandal

  4. Out of the Running?

    Karl Rove on Gov. Sanford's political future after affair

  5. 'Unfaithful to My Wife'

    Gov. Mark Sanford admits to having affair, resigns as chair of Republican Governor's Association

  6. 'Lack of Political Judgment'

    Bill Sammon: Gov. Sanford has damaged himself, dug himself into hole

  7. Amber Alert in South Carolina

    2 sisters are missing

  8. Across America: Fatal Plane Crash in South Carolina

    Single-engine plane overshoots runway, crashes into RV, killing 2

  9. Schools Make Up Snow Days on MLK Day

    South Carolina state lawmaker speaks out against opening schools on holiday

  10. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer on political fallout of Gov. Sanford's extramarital affair

  11. Nikki Haley Makes History

    Republican elected South Carolina's first female governor

  12. Will Obesity Surgery Result in Savings?

    Seriously? South Carolina to pay for obesity surgery for government workers next year

  1. Columbia In 5

    What to see and do in the historic, lively, enchanting capital city of the Palmetto State.

  2. 'End to Capitalism'

    South Carolina's Mark Sanford is among group of GOP governors refusing to take stimulus money for their states

  3. Road to Recovery: Foreign Automakers in the South

    BMW opens $1 billion auto factory expansion today, creates more than 1,000 new jobs

  4. College Catfight

    Olbermann, Coulter battle over Cornell alumni status

  5. Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  6. Hollywood Nation: 'Saw 3D' Cuts Deep

    University teaches Lady Gaga 101; 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' takes flight again

  7. Friend of the Family

    South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis on Governor Sanford's sex scandal

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