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Sonia Sotomayor

'Fidelity to the Law'

Judge Sonia Sotomayor explains her judicial philosophy in statement before Senate Judiciary Committee

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  1. Supreme Setback?

    Will Supreme Court reversal of Sotomayor firefighter ruling impact her high court nomination?

  2. Road to Justice?

    Sen. Sessions on upcoming Sotomayor confirmation hearings

  3. N.J. Gubernatorial Debate, Pt. 2

    Candidates tackle shaky job market, negative campaigning, Supreme Court

  4. Sotomayor's Start

    New justice joins the Supreme Court for their new term

  5. Controversial Confirmation Hearing

    Sen. Hatch explains objection to Goodwin Liu, reacts to Sen. Bennett's defeat

  6. Shuttle Endeavour

    Stormy weather could force NASA to scrub 5th liftoff attempt

  7. Nearly Unanimous Decision

    Supreme Court rules on Voting Rights Act as Sotomayor's confirmation still hangs in the balance

  8. Senator Franken

    After a long battle, Al Franken will soon get to work for Minnesota

  9. Restricting Rights?

    Supreme Court takes up a challenge to gun laws

  10. White House Cuts the Middle Man

    Obama administration bypassing traditional media to spread message

  11. Return to 'Private Life'

    Florida Senator Mel Martinez holds news conference on his retirement

  12. Is Justice Blind?

    Will Sotomayor's biases influence her rulings?

  1. Sotomayor Sworn In

    Sonia Sotomayor takes her oath as an associate justice of the Supreme Court

  2. Supreme Court Shields Vaccine Makers From Lawsuits

    High Court rules that parents can't sue over harmful side effects

  3. Sotomayor Reversed

    Supreme Court rules on firefighters' discrimination case

  4. Journal Editorial Report 7/4

    Look back at biggest cases from high court's term and a judge clears way for convicted terrorist to sue

  5. 'Model Jurist'

    New York Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand introduce Judge Sotomayor

  6. 'Distressing and Disgusting'

    Attorney for firefighter who sued over discrimination reacts to campaign against her client

  7. In a Nutshell

    Sonia Sotomayor's connection to ACORN

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