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Shattered Dreams

A Fox News special series exploring the housing market in the country. Fox News examines the current state of the market, looks at the values of homes, what is being done to sell houses, and if it is wiser to rent or buy in the current economy.

Cosigning craze: Know what you're signing

Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi weighs in

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  1. Shattered Dreams

    It's sad when your dreams shatter.

  2. Shattered Dreams : Arizona homeowners struggling to stay above water

    Paradise Valley, Ariz., may look like paradise, but like much of the country, folks here are struggling with homes worth only half -- or less -- of their original va...

  3. Shattered Dreams : Realtors ride out tough housing market

    Realtor Beverly Langley, who's been selling homes for nearly three decades, says the business isn't what it used to be. "You can't just wait for the phone to ring," ...

  4. SHATTERED DREAMS : Buying beats renting in most cities, studies find

    "I feel like we've been losing money for the last five years," Laura Logerfo said wistfully.After a long spell as renters, Laura and her husband Vincent Pickett, bot...

  5. SHATTERED DREAMS : The End of Fannie and Freddie

    They date back decades, with their roots in the Great Depression . And as with anything else that has been around for so long, their mere existence, in an ever-chang...

  6. Shattered Dreams : Homeowners Still Digging Out From Foreclosure Mess

    Who’s at fault for the foreclosure mess that’s gripping our country right now?Some blame people who borrowed more than they could afford. Others blame the banks that...

  7. Shattered Dreams : To Rent or Buy, That is the Question

    In the midst of a stalled economy it's a wonder anyone feels like making a big financial purchase like buying a home -- long  perceived as a large part of the Americ...

  8. Shattered Dreams : Homeowner Protection

    Judge Jonathan Lippman, the Chief Judge for New York state was aware of the skyrocketing number of home foreclosures and the way banks were handling loan default fil...

  9. Shattered Dreams : Foreclosure Squatters

    When Chris and Thelma DiMattio bought their new house in swanky Wilton, Connecticut a few months ago, they were thrilled. The longtime Wilton residents didn't have t...

  10. Shattered Dreams : Dealing with Debt

    Transferring assets may lead you to court

  11. Shattered Dreams : Estate Planning Tips

    Should parent sign child on as joint owner?

  12. Shattered Dreams : Answering Your E-mails

    Bob Massi dips into the mailbag

  1. Who is the face of today's American homeowner?

    Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi weighs in

  2. In the event of my death, who pays off my reverse mortgage?

    Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi answers viewers' real estate questions

  3. Shattered Dreams : Rising rents

    Increasing costs cause disturbing trend

  4. Fox News Reporting: Shattered Dreams

    Fox News investigates troubling allegations about the mortgage meltdown

  5. Shattered Dreams : Should You Buy or Rent a Home?


  6. Shattered Dreams Series: 50 Percent of Arizona Homeowners Are Under Water on Their Mortgages


  7. Shattered Dreams : Housing market mailbag

    Bob Massi answers questions from viewers

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