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Shattered Dreams

A Fox News special series exploring the housing market in the country. Fox News examines the current state of the market, looks at the values of homes, what is being done to sell houses, and if it is wiser to rent or buy in the current economy.

Farewell Fannie and Freddie?

Shattered Dreams : What does future hold for homebuyers?

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  1. Foreclosure Surge Hurting All Homeowners

    Shattered Dreams : Mortgage defaults driving down real estate prices

  2. What to Do If You Face Foreclosure

    Shattered Dreams : Bob Massi weighs in

  3. Nest Eggs Shrink as Home Values Drop

    Shattered Dreams : Many retirement plans in limbo

  4. Shattering the American Dream?

    Housing market faces new low from foreclosure crisis

  5. Crisis Hits Home for Housing Industry

    Shattered Dreams : Grim outlook for movers, realtors and mortgage brokers