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Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle on 'Hannity'

Tea Party favorite leads Harry Reid in polls

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  1. Sharron Angle Caught on Tape Blasting GOP, Touting Access

    Will audiotape help or hurt her campaign for Nevada Senate seat?

  2. Sharron Angle : 'We the People Have Been Awakened'

    Tea Party favorite concedes race for Nevada Senate seat, praises freedom

  3. Man Behind Secret Angle Tapes

    Tea Party candidate in Nevada Senate race denies setting Sharron Angle up

  4. Fiery Debate in Nevada Senate Race

    Harry Reid defends against Sharron Angle

  5. Miller Time in Nevada

    Dennis Miller on why he's helping Tea Party -backed Sharron Angle in her campaign against Senate Majority leader Harry Reid

  6. Sharron Angle Avoiding the Media?

    Angle campaign threats to ban media stations from covering election

  7. Your World

    Wednesday, 4p ET: She’s been slammed by Harry Reid in recent ads, but is he playing dirty because her stance is gaining ground with voters? Now the GOP’s Senate candidate Sharron Angle fires back.