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Ted Cruz

Sen . Ted Cruz gets inked?

Texas senator shows off Winston Churchill tattoo

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  1. Twitter to Obama: We’re taxed too much

    April 15 is the dreaded deadline every year when many procrastinators are frantically punching calculator keys to tally up how much they owe Uncle Sam. And this year...

  2. All-Star Panel: TX Sen . Ted Cruz the new media punching bag?

    This is a rush transcript from "Special Report," February 19, 2013. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Freshman Republican...

  3. Sen . Ted Cruz : Benghazi 'shouldn't be a partisan issue'

    Texas Republican calling for a joint select committee to investigate attack

  4. Sen . Ted Cruz ’s Controversial Tactics Cause a Stir in Washington but Impressing Texas

    Ted Cruz glanced at his black cowboy boots, beneath a silver Texas belt buckle, waiting for the admirers to stop clapping.His arrival had turned a drop-by at a Houst...

  5. FBI, Police Probe Twitter Threat Against Sen . Ted Cruz

    Law enforcement officials are investigating threats made against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter last week, police said on Sunday.U.S. Capitol Hill Police and the F...

  6. Sen . Ted Cruz Talks Gun Control, Stance on Issues

    New Republican Senator Ted Cruz talks about his stance on the issues including gun control.

  7. Sen . Ted Cruz discusses the 'trade-off' behind ObamaCare

    Congressman says President wasn't honest about jeopardizing health care

  8. CNBC reporter apologizes for 'Mexican music' comment during Ted Cruz segment

    A CNBC reporter who made off-color comments about Sen. Ted Cruz and "Mexican music" issued an apology Wednesday.“Regarding my recent remark on Squawk Box regarding S...

  9. Sen . Ted Cruz talks ObamaCare, imprisoned American pastor

    Key Republican senator on 'Fox & Friends'

  10. Sen . Ted Cruz : We need to 'start over' on ObamaCare

    Congressman discusses bipartisan outrage over the law

  11. Sen . Ted Cruz Won't Endorse His GOP Colleague John Cornyn In Texas Race

    The sniping between establishment Republicans and tea partyers resumed Thursday as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz refused to endorse his state's senior senator in next week's R...

  12. Sen . Ted Cruz insists defunding ObamaCare can work

    Colleagues say legislation would be impossible to pass, disastrous for GOP

  1. Sen . Ted Cruz Forces Hand Of Party Leadership In Debt Ceiling Fight; GOP Rift Grows

    The tea party is teeing off on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.Matt Bevin, who is challenging McConnell in the GOP primary in Kentucky, seized on the senato...

  2. Bucking His Party Again, TX Sen . Ted Cruz Vows Another Fight Over Debt Ceiling Bill

    Senator Ted Cruz is threatening another filibuster.The Texas Republican is bucking his party, insisting that a vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling —which GOP lea...

  3. Does TX Sen . Ted Cruz Qualify For President Though He Was Born In Canada?

    Rookie Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, has already endeared himself to the GOP's Tea Party base.In the process, he has garnered national headlines for a sta...

  4. Sen . Ted Cruz Responds To Attacks

    Fox News' Megyn Kelly interviews Texas Senator Ted Cruz .

  5. Sen . Ted Cruz tells Jerry Falwell's Liberty University that religious freedoms under attack

    Potential GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz says "religious liberty has never been more under attack" than today. And he is urging students at the nation's largest...

  6. Texas Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Sen . Ted Cruz And 'Blow Up' The Sun

    A Texas man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to kidnap, murder and burn U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and his father if they did not cough up $3 million.Ni...

  7. Sen . Ted Cruz discusses Russia-Ukraine conflict

    Taking IMF out of Ukraine bill an important victory for Americans

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