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Security Council

Obama Backs U.N. Power Seat for India

President calls for India to be on U.N . Security Council

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  1. Controversial U.N. Resolution Slams Israel

    Will U.S. vote to condemn settlement activity?

  2. What Will Become of Libya?

    U.S. monitors response from Qaddafi’s regime

  3. Clinton Talks Ongoing Situation In Libya

    Clinton: Arab participation critical

  4. Gingrich Rates Obama's Crisis Management

    Former House speaker on 'Hannity'

  5. How Should U.S. Focus Mideast Efforts?

    Middle East expert Michael Singh says peace in Libya is priority

  6. Pentagon Press Conference on Libya

    20 Libyan targets struck on coast

  7. Bias Bash: Presidential Explanation

    Press, Congress slam Obama over Libya

  8. Admiral Mullen Talks To Chris Wallace About Libya

    The Admiral gives updates on the battle

  9. President Obama Speaks on Libyan Unrest

    Obama on Libyan military action

  10. Vice Admiral Gortney On Operation Odyssey Dawn

    Vice Admiral talks what happened on day one

  11. Mission Impossible

    Is Israel waging an un-winnable war against Hamas?

  12. Deal on the Way?

    Report: U.N. in secret nuclear negotiations with Iran

  1. U.N . Security Council Approves No-Fly Zone Over Libya

    Resolution authorizes other measures to protect civilians

  2. Libya Threatens Mediterranean in Response to 'Any Foreign Attack'

    Qaddafi regime lashes out at potential U.N . Security Council resolution

  3. Cost of Libyan Crisis Continues to Mount

    Coalition forces launch additional resources

  4. Obama Addresses Nation on Libya

    President explains U.S. involvement in international effort to prevent humanitarian crisis

  5. No-Fly Zone Over Libya?

    Sen. McCain on situation in Libya, U.S. allies

  6. International Conference on Libya Conflict

    Secretary Clinton meets with other leaders to discuss country's future

  7. Crackdown on Iran Coming Soon?

    Effort to punish the rogue nation for its nuclear defiance picks up steam

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