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Sean Parnell

Alaska Rejects 'Obamacare'

Alaska Gov . Sean Parnell explains why he will not enact Obama's health care reform law

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  1. Alaska Refuses to Enact Health Care Law

    Gov . Sean Parnell says he won't implement law because it was ruled unconstitutional

  2. Political Shocker

    Alaska Lt. Gov . Sean Parnell , Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee analyze Palin's resignation

  3. 'She Will Do a Fine Job'

    Alaska's Lieutenant Gov . Sean Parnell on Sarah Palin's strengths, what to expect tonight

  4. Alaska Mourns Death of Former Sen. Ted Stevens

    Governor Sean Parnell holds press conference on plane crash that claimed the life of former Republican senator

  5. Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens Killed in Plane Crash

    Former Alaska lawmaker one of five dead after single-engine plane went down southwest of Anchorage