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Saxby Chambliss

Opening Day Morale

Are Republicans glum about shaping legislation in the new Congress? Sen . Saxby Chambliss weighs in

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  1. Roundtable on Global Hotspots

    Sens. Graham, Chambliss, Bayh and Casey on Afghanistan, Iraq

  2. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 03/13/11

    The fallout from the Japan quake

  3. Democrat Deluge?

    Democratic Party is banking on a big win in the Senate

  4. Senate Hearing on Global Threats

    National Intelligence Director in the hot seat

  5. Policing the Press

    'Factor' producer Jesse Watters confronts liberal columnist who smeared Newt Gingrich

  6. Filibuster-Proof

    Key races that could garner Democrats 60 seats in the Senate

  7. Boehner: 'The People's Congress'

    New House speaker pledges openness, forum for robust debate

  8. Udall: 'We Have Got to Pay Down Our Debt'

    Colorado senator on battle over government spending bill

  1. Saxby Chambliss

    Part 2: Georgia senator comments on Obama's stimulus package and choice for CIA chief

  2. 'They Can't Do That'

    Senator Saxby Chambliss is opposed to fining families for being uninsured

  3. Senators Want 9/11 Trial Funding Cut

    Bipartisan group backs legislation to cut funding for civilian court trials

  4. Template for Success?

    Dick Morris breaks down strategy behind Chambliss runoff victory

  5. Balance of Power

    Voters cast ballots for all 435 House seats, 35 Senate seats

  6. Gang of 10!

    Chris Wallace on the energy compromise!

  7. Sens. Warner, Chambliss on 'Fox News Sunday'

    Key lawmakers talk deficit reduction