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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Verdict: 7/10

Why did Justice Ginsburg speak out on Sotomayor?

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  1. Rove's Review

    Former Bush adviser analyzes first day of Sotomayor confirmation hearings

  2. Sotomayor in Focus

    Issues, politics facing president's first pick for the Supreme Court

  3. 'Duty Not to Vote'?

    John Stossel says uninformed voters should stay home on Nov. 4

  4. Give Felons the Right to Vote?

    John Stossel breaks down the arguments for and against

  5. Get Out the Vote

    Spencer pulls the lever for John McCain

  6. McCain and the Supreme Court

    McCain says he would appoint justices like Roberts and Alito

  7. Obama Is Just Awesome

    He just is, okay? Jeez!

  8. Justice Scalia to Meet With Tea Party Caucus

    Liberals cry foul over Scalia's meeting with Tea Party group

  9. Uncut: Lindsey Graham

    South Carolina senator sounds off on the 'anchor baby' clause in the Constitution, his vote on Elena Kagan and more

  10. 'Justice for All of Us'

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar says Sotomayor has keen understanding of real-world decision making

  11. Sen. Graham Defends Kagan Vote

    South Carolina Republican explains why he's supporting Supreme Court nominee

  12. Elena Kagan Sworn In as Associate Justice

    Kagan becomes 112th member of the U.S. Supreme Court

  1. Health Scare

    Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fall

  2. 'Overcome Many Obstacles'

    Sen. Dick Durbin: Sotomayor's life gives her understanding of real world

  3. Long Odds

    U.S. Senator Jim Bunning seems to have a few strikes against him in his bid for re-election

  4. Supreme Court Smoking Case

    The first case of the 2008-2009 term focuses on a challenge to tobacco giant Philip Morris

  5. 'It Is Unusual'

    Judge Napolitano on Justice Ginsburg's decision to speak out on Sotomayor nomination

  6. Wednesday's Halftime Report, Part 2

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  7. Supreme Court Shields Vaccine Makers From Lawsuits

    High Court rules that parents can't sue over harmful side effects

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