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Russ Feingold

Ron Johnson Unseats Russ Feingold

Businessman ousts longtime Wisconsin Democratic senator

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  1. Democrats Facing 'JetBlue' Moment?

    New RNC ad compares Dems to disgruntled flight attendant

  2. Ron Johnson on Wisconsin Win

    'We need to get our house in order'

  3. Gubernatorial Race Tightens in Ohio

    GOP candidate John Kasich on his race for governor

  4. Surprise Suspense in Wisconsin

    Sen. Feingold trailing GOP challenger Johnson

  5. Search and Seizure

    DHS reveals travelers' laptops may be detained at border

  6. Civil War

    Will Democrats stand united on Afghanistan troop surge?

  7. Unusual Suspects

    Tracking Your Taxes: Democrats want to cut federal spending

  8. War Crimes Trial

    U.S. military's case against Salim Hamdan who they say was a member of the Al Qaeda inner circle

  9. Unwelcome Investigation

    White House not pleased with hearing about Obama's czars

  10. The Journal Editorial Report: 10/2

    Republicans charging back in slew of manufacturing states owned by Democrats for years

  11. GOP's Rust-Belt Resurgence

    Republicans charging back in slew of manufacturing states owned by Democrats for years

  12. Obama Helping or Hurting Democrats?

    President's campaign stops may ultimately help the GOP

  1. Could Wisconsin Decide Direction of Senate?

    GOP Senate candidate Ron Johnson putting pressure on prominent Democrat Russ Feingold

  2. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/1

    Winnera dn losers of 2010

  3. Czar Crunch

    Hearing looks at the legality and history of government czars

  4. The Two Faces of Michelle Obama

    First lady hits campaign trail to raise money for questionable characters

  5. First Lady's Political Mission of Mercy

    Michelle Obama hits campaign trail to raise money and rally votes for Democrats in close races

  6. Panel Plus: 03/13/11

    'Fox News Sunday' panel on Wisconsin protests

  7. 3 Races to Watch

    'Studio B' political panel breaks down game-changing races

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