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Robert Byrd

Negative Ads Dominate West Virginia Senate Race

Dem governor, GOP candidate in fight to the finish

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  1. Wednesday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  2. Hatred on the Left: Disgusting Attack on Herman Cain, Part 2

    Juan Williams weighs in

  3. Second Break: 9/25

    Can Christine O'Donnell survive the scrutiny?

  4. GOP Leading Key Senate Races

    Dick Morris breaks down avalanche of new midterm polling

  5. Rangel Has His Say on Ethics Charges

    All-Star panel responds to congressman's words on House floor

  6. Gov. Joe Manchin on West Virginia Senate Race

    Popular governor faces tough fight

  7. GOP Lawmakers Demand Amnesty Memo Hearing

    Republican senators outraged at Department of Homeland Security document suggesting bypassing Congress on immigration reform

  8. With or Without You

    Some Republicans dispute report Dems will go it alone on final health care plan

  9. Newt's Take

    From Obama's czars to a possible second stimulus, Gingrich sounds off

  10. Waters Wants a Trial

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters won't settle for ethics committee's decision

  11. Unwelcome Investigation

    White House not pleased with hearing about Obama's czars

  12. After the Show Show: 7/8

    'Special Report' panel on czars in Obama administration, Afghanistan and GAO report on federal office security

  1. Joe Manchin Wins Mountain State Senate Seat

    Democratic governor wins Senate race in West Virginia

  2. Czar Watch

    Why are there so many administration officials who are not subject to Senate confirmation?

  3. Cracks in the Armor

    Sen. McCain weighs in on Democratic displeasure with President Obama's policies

  4. Dem.: Obama Has 'Failed to Lead' on Spending Cuts

    Senator calls out president for sitting on sidelines while Congress debates rival budget plans from both parties

  5. Bias Bash: Presidential Explanation

    Press, Congress slam Obama over Libya

  6. Joe Manchin: 'Take the Fight to Washington'

    Popular West Virginia governor wins Senate seat

  7. GOP Goes Manchin Shopping

    Republican Party targets newly elected Democrat's defection

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