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Rick Scott

Gov . Rick Scott : 'Great Teachers Want Measurement'

Florida governor on new bill that implements merit-based pay for instructors

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  1. Solution to Florida's Budget Problems

    Governor's formula to get the Sunshine State back on track

  2. Florida's Governor Signs Teacher Merit Bill

    Law promises to make educators more effective

  3. Miami Turning Into Vegas?

    Florida lawmakers pushing for casino resorts to spur economic growth

  4. Voters Line Up in Florida

    State Republicans expect landslide

  5. GOP Split in Sunshine State?

    Bill McCollum not endorsing Rick Scott

  6. End of the American Dream?

    Existing home sales dropped 27 percent in July

  7. Election Day in Florida

    Voters are deciding candidates for this fall's general election

  8. One Step Further for Florida ?

    All-Star panel reacts to attorney general's call to exceed Arizona's immigration law

  9. Primary Night Focus on Florida

    Tense races in Sunshine State take national spotlight

  10. GOP Blueprint for Victory?

    Florida's Republican gubernatorial nominee slams Obama, Pelosi and Reid in victory speech

  11. Primary Day in 3 States

    Voters in Florida , Arizona, Alaska head to polls in key primary elections

  12. GOP Primaries to Test Tea Party

    Karl Rove on how incumbents in Arizona, Alaska and Florida will fare against grassroots candidates

  1. Florida Governor Rejects Federal Funding for Rail Project

    Gov . Rick Scott says 'no thanks' to $2 billion handout

  2. GOP Eyes Gubernatorial Gains

    Florida's Republican candidate for governor Rick Scott on 'Fox & Friends'

  3. Rick Scott Eyeing Victory?

    Florida's gubernatorial candidate slams government on campaign trail

  4. State Medicaid Bills Shoot Up Under Health Care Law

    Gov . Rick Scott says Florida's finances are skyrocketing under federal rules

  5. Rick Scott Derails Obama's High Speed Rail Plan

    Florida governor says he wants no part of Obama-backed rail plan

  6. Bill McCollum Talks Immigration, Gubernatorial Run

    Florida's attorney general proposes immigration bill that takes Arizona law one step further

  7. Florida Aims to End Teacher Tenure

    Bill links teacher pay to student performance

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