Rick Perry

James Richard "Rick" Perry is the 47th and current Governor of Texas.

  1. Summer Dash for Fall Cash

    Obama attends two high-dollar fundraisers in Bush country

  2. Mexico Officials Question Shooting of U.S. Couple

    David Hartley's mother insists her son was attacked by Mexican pirates, pleads for help finding body

  3. Disturbing Details About Falcon Lake Mystery

    Witness comes forward as sheriff reaches out to Mexican cartel

  4. ICE Releases 'Dangerous' Illegal Immigrants

    Deportable illegals let go by government agency

  5. Dear Mr. President: We Need More Troops

    Texas welcomes Obama with plea for more reinforcements at the border

  6. Falcon Lake Investigation Takes Tragic Turn

    Mexican police commander assigned to missing American case found in suitcase

  7. Mexico: Help or Hindrance in Search for American?

    Gov. Perry assesses Mexico's cooperation in search for man reportedly killed on border lake

  8. 'GAL' Investigates Falcon Lake Shooting

    What really happened the day David Hartley went missing near the Mexico border?

  9. Number of Deportations on the Rise

    Obama administration now holds record for deportations

  10. Accusations Fly Following Falcon Lake Incident

    Father of missing American speaks out, accuses Mexican police of corruption

  11. Beck: Washington Is Addicted to Spending

    Government has completely lost touch with common sense

  12. Perry Reelected in Texas

    Defeats Democrat to win third term

  1. Dissent Among Border Governors

    Texas Gov . Rick Perry sounds off on the rift over the Border Governors Conference, his reelection campaign and more

  2. Rick Perry on the Ariz. Immigration Law Ruling

    Texas governor reacts to judge's ruling on Arizona's immigration law

  3. Alone in the Lone Star State

    Texas Gov . Rick Perry responds to Democratic candidate ducking Obama's visit

  4. Texas' Budget Shortfall

    Gov . Rick Perry ready to balance budget without raising taxes

  5. On the Record

    Tonight 10p/1a ET: Texas size trouble! Overrun with drugs and violence from illegal immigrants ... the state asks, where's our help? Gov . Rick Perry goes 'On the Record'.

  6. Not a Laughing Matter

    Texas Governor Rick Perry not happy about jokes at Governor Sanford's expense

  7. Guns on Campus?

    Texas lawmakers push for students, professors' right to carry firearms on college property

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