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Richard Lugar

Obama: 'Season of Progress for Americans'

President holds year-end press conference

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  1. Support, Criticism of Obama's Leadership on Libya

    Radio host Alan Colmes weighs in on possible military intervention against Qaddafi

  2. Bias Bash: Unanswered Questions

    What is the end-game for Libya?

  3. How Does Obama Rate in Times of Crisis?

    President's response to Japan, Libya, budget battle under fire

  4. Big Bucks

    Democratic senator is against tax hikes in Senate health care bill

  5. The One Thing: 8/11

    The horror of eugenics happened; what can we learn from that mistake?

  6. Uniting the Nation

    When picking his Cabinet, should President-elect Obama consider the millions of Americans who voted for McCain?

  7. Slip of the Lip?

    Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty addresses escalating VP rumors after a noteworthy remark from McCain

  8. Cabinet Forecast

    Who will McCain, Obama pick to serve on their Cabinet?

  9. 'Huge Conflicts of Interest'

    Sen. David Vitter lays out concerns facing Hillary Clinton in confirmation hearing

  10. 'Desperate Tactics'

    Obama, McCain supporters react to latest campaign attacks

  11. Clinton Concerns?

    Republican senator sounds off on issues Hillary Clinton will face if approved as secretary of state

  12. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  1. On the Hot Seat!

    Tom plays some of Sen. Clinton's drubbing!

  2. Strategy Room News Break

    President Obama hosts job summit and a ride on the Santa Train

  3. Nuke Negotiations

    How will Obama respond to news of U.S. meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator? Former Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson weighs in

  4. Gift of Giving

    Santa train's 67th anniversary trip delivers gifts to underprivileged kids

  5. The Holt!

    Terry Holt what Bush can do for the autos!

  6. Bias Bash: Presidential Explanation

    Press, Congress slam Obama over Libya

  7. Smooth Sailing?

    Details on Hillary Clinton confirmation hearing

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