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Dick Durbin

'Dramatically Change the Economy'

Sen . Dick Durbin says bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois would greatly benefit state

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  1. 'Unquestioned Integrity'

    Gov. Blagojevich names Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama in U.S. Senate

  2. Hannity's America: 11/16

    Japanese mortified by President Obama's bow

  3. From Gitmo to Illinois

    Relocating detainees: good idea?

  4. Politics and Business

    Bush deals with subprime mortgage crisis and spike in energy prices

  5. Clean Sweep?

    Rep. Kirk: We need to 'wipe out' Illinois governor by end of next week

  6. 'Cleared the Air Completely'

    Harry Reid, Dick Durbin comment on meeting with Roland Burris

  7. Sens. Kyl, Durbin on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk 'don't ask, don't tell,' START

  8. Sen. McConnell on 'Fox News Sunday'

    McConnell talks State of the Union

  9. Sens. Durbin, Cornyn on 'FNS'

    Key senators talk health care, economy and climate change

  10. 'Enormously Harmful'

    Sen. Kyl hopes Democrats will listen to their constituents and vote down health care bill

  11. Rep. Hoyer on 'FNS'

    House Majority leader reacts to GOP 'Pledge'

  12. Sen. McCaskill on Election's Message

    Did voters give GOP a mandate?

  1. 'Overcome Many Obstacles'

    Sen . Dick Durbin : Sotomayor's life gives her understanding of real world

  2. Ben Bernanke: Good Man for the Job?

    White House pushes for Fed Reserve chairman to keep his position

  3. Sen. Durbin to Hold Anti-Muslim Bigotry Hearings

    Rep. Peter King responds

  4. State of the Union Preview

    President Obama gives insight into speech

  5. The One Thing: 12/8

    The 'Prison Plan' marches on

  6. Cold Welcome

    Roland Burris arrives to a chilly reception in Washington where he plans to take over Obama's Senate seat

  7. Gov. Blagojevich 'On the Record'

    Embattled governor talks to Greta about his impeachment, media blitz and more.

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