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Mike Pence

Will White House Continue Spending Spree?

Rep . Mike Pence wants Obama administration to curb spending

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  1. Can GOP Use Power of Purse to Defund Obamacare?

    Rep. Pence on vote to take away funds for health care overhaul

  2. Pence: Senate Dems 'Out of Touch' on Spending

    GOP congressman responds to Sen. Reid defending government spending

  3. Feeling Betrayed

    Critics say Obama's health care plan will raise taxes as AARP members revolt

  4. Remembering Tony Snow

    VIPs remember former White House press secretary Tony Snow

  5. Congress Adjourned

    Some Republicans have asked Bush to order a special session on energy crisis as lawmakers leave Capitol Hill

  6. Constitutional Candidate on the March

    Judge Napolitano talks to Jesse Kelly

  7. Dissatisfaction From Both Sides

    Congressmen Pence, Sherman weigh in on Afghanistan strategy

  8. Risng Concerns Over Chemical Dispersants

    Critics say chemicals are hurting the Gulf

  9. 'Victory for the American People'

    Rep. Pence: GOP dedicated to getting economy moving, limiting size of government, repealing Obamacare

  10. Finance Fixer?

    Congressmen Mike Pence and Adam Smith face-off on Bush's bailout plan

  11. Is GOP Overconfident?

    Democrats doubt Republican victory in midterm elections

  12. Republican Revolt

    Bailout deal on hold as House Republicans demand better bill

  1. On a Mission to Repeal 'Obamacare' - 'Lock, Stock, and Barrel'

    Rep . Mike Pence on what the GOP would do if it regains the majority at the midterms and whether he's aiming for a higher office

  2. Against Auto Bailout

    Rep . Mike Pence says no way to report White House might approve $40 billion for Big Three

  3. Who's to Blame?

    Mike Huckabee and Rep . Mike Pence weigh in on bailout bust and future of financial crisis

  4. Politics Over Prosperity?

    Rep . Mike Pence : Dems shouldn't adjourn for campaign season until there's a tax cut extension vote

  5. Not Adjourning?

    Representative Mike Pence demands Congress stay in session to address energy crisis

  6. Fuzzy Math?

    Two lawmakers debate the costs of the Baucus bill

  7. On The Record

    Friday, 10p/1a ET: Democrats savage the GOP plan. Is it really working? Greta gets the inside story from Representative Mike Pence .

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