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Mark Kirk

Hill Hero

Illinois Rep . Mark Kirk returns from tour of duty in Afghanistan

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  1. The Invisible Gorilla

    Why can't politicians tell the truth about their pasts? Fascinating insight into the political mind

  2. 'Dramatically Change the Economy'

    Sen. Dick Durbin says bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois would greatly benefit state

  3. From Gitmo to Illinois

    Relocating detainees: good idea?

  4. Clean Sweep?

    Rep. Kirk: We need to 'wipe out' Illinois governor by end of next week

  5. Gridlock in Nevada Senate Race

    Democratic incumbent trailing Tea Party-back challenger by slim margin in latest polling

  6. Revolving Rhetoric

    Newt Gingrich grades Obama's response to bloodshed in Iran

  7. Cavuto on Business: Brace for Bailouts

    Congress gears up for fight over spending cuts

  8. Mark Kirk for Senate

    Republican candidate explains why he's running for President Obama's former Senate seat

  9. Dirty Tricks?

    Lawmaker says Obama-affiliated group sending constituents to his office without his knowledge

  10. David Hoffman for Senate

    Democratic candidate explains why he's running for President Obama's former Senate seat

  11. GOP Leading Key Senate Races

    Dick Morris breaks down avalanche of new midterm polling

  12. Lesser of Two Evils in Illinois ?

    Illinois Senate race went negative early, often

  1. 'Risk Is Unnecessary'

    Rep . Mark Kirk blasts bringing Gitmo detainees to Illinois

  2. What's Job Number 1 for New Congress?

    Incoming Republican Senator Mark Kirk on getting off to fast start in the Senate

  3. Chicago Politians on Egypt, Straw Poll

    Senator Mark Kirk and Illinois GOP Pat Brady

  4. Heated Battle for Illinois Senate Seat

    Republican candidate Mark Kirk alleges Democratic opponent has ties to mob

  5. General Petraeus Assesses Afghanistan

    Commander of U.S. forces has positive outlook on Afghan war

  6. Controversial Plan

    Government considers buying Illinois prison to hold Gitmo detainees

  7. Dear Mr. President

    Lawmaker wants constituents to stop showing up unannounced

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