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Kevin McCarthy

  1. Congressman at the Nasdaq

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy , (R) California, discusses the high foreclosure rate in California and how to turn things around.

  2. Transcript: Rep. McCarthy on 'FNS'

    The following is a rush transcript of the April 4, 2010, edition of "Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace." This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.C...

  3. Rep. McCarthy: ObamaCare hurting health care, America

    House Majority Whip Rep . Kevin McCarthy on 'Special Report'

  4. Rep. McCarthy: Right Now is the Wrong Time to Raise Taxes

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy , (R-Calif.), on efforts to extend the Bush-era tax cuts and the impact of potential cuts to defense spending.

  5. Rep. McCarthy: Let’s Get America Working Again

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy , (R-Calif.), on what Congress needs to do to make America economically competitive, the presidential election and regulators’ handling of the Libor scandal and PFGBest.

  6. Jobs: the Core Issue for Voters?

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy , (R-Calif.), argues the key election issue is the economy.

  7. California guv scrambles to save bullet train, floats cap-and-trade scheme

    California Gov. Jerry Brown is scrambling to keep a pricey high-speed train project from being derailed by raiding millions of dollars from the state's cap-and-trade...

  8. GOP lawmakers call on Obama to change course on economy

    Rep. McCarthy says new ideas are being ignored

  9. California judge cuts off state funding for high-speed train venture

    A California judge has slammed the brakes on funding a pricey high-speed train project, in a move that could put the entire Los Angeles-to-San Francisco line in jeop...

  10. House passes bill targeting health care law

    The House overwhelmingly passed a bill to impose new security requirements on President Barack Obama's health care law as Republicans maintained an election-year foc...

  11. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': July 31

    Sens. Jon Kyl and Dick Durban on debt-ceiling compromise, Rep . Kevin McCarthy also weighs in

  12. Can Dems Pass Health Care?

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) discusses the health-care reform debate.

  1. House GOP breaks from repeal effort, gets change in ObamaCare

    House Republicans have secured a change in ObamaCare to expand coverage choices for small businesses -- a departure from their strategy to try to dismantle or repeal...

  2. Obama's State of the Union expected to challenge GOP

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy blasts president's 'continual campaigning'

  3. Obama's radical second term agenda revealed?

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy reacts to president's inauguration address

  4. Where does the GOP stand on the debt limit?

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy explains short-term bill and push to pass a budget

  5. Obama says he'll work with GOP on debt, with conditions

    House majority whip Rep . Kevin McCarthy responds

  6. 'The Contract' vs. 'The Pledge'

    Will the GOP's new document produce the same results as 1994? Rep . Kevin McCarthy responds

  7. Lawmaker: GOP Will Take House

    Rep . Kevin McCarthy , (R-Calif.), argues America is seeing an new Republican party.

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