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Ray Odierno

Giving Thanks

Gen. Odierno on what's being done for U.S. troops celebrating Thanksgiving in Iraq

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    Stephen Colbert shaves head for troops; Tony Awards set takes down Bret Michaels

  2. 'I'm Listening'

    Vice President Biden visits Iraq to discuss U.S. role

  3. Tensions Abroad

    'The Journal Editorial Report' breaks down challenges facing new administration in 2009

  4. Keeping Secure

    U.S. troops hand over province to Iraqis in what was once the 'Triangle of Death'

  5. Financial Failure

    'The Journal Editorial Report' revisits the biggest stories of 2008

  6. Camp War Eagle

    Troops in Iraq mark July 4 and withdrawal from cities

  7. Leaving Iraq

    Pentagon previews U.S. troop withdrawal

  8. Withdrawal

    Oliver North comments on U.S. troops leaving Iraq

  9. Security in Iraq

    Can Iraq protect its citizens without U.S. support?

  10. Is Iraq Ready to Take Charge?

    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer responds to new string of deadly attacks in Baghdad

  11. Obama's Plan for Iraq

    Megan Ortagus discusses the president's pledge to withdrawal troops from the Mideast nation

  12. 'All Very Proud'

    White House reacts to U.S. troops withdrawing from Iraqi cities

  1. Gen. Odierno on 'FNS'

    Is Iraq ready for U.S. troop withdrawal?

  2. Odierno's Assessment

    Will Iraq be able to police itself when the U.S. pulls out all its combat troops?

  3. Panel Plus: 6/28

    'FOX News Sunday' panel discusses troop withdrawal in Iraq and Michael Jackson's media coverage after the show

  4. Gen. Odierno on Iraq Mission

    Top U.S. commander in Iraq addresses the situation there

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    President Obama orders GI haircut for Stephen Colbert

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    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  7. Biden: Iraqis Ready to Take Over

    All-star panel on Iraq's future

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