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Rand Paul

Rand Paul Talks Libya, Looming Government Shutdown

Republican senator on 'Fox & Friends'

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  1. Cavuto on Business: Brace for Bailouts

    Congress gears up for fight over spending cuts

  2. Rand Paul in First Test of Tea Party Might

    GOP candidate for Kentucky Senate seat on last-minute campaign push

  3. Rand Paul Wins Bluegrass State Senate Seat

    Tea Party favorite wins Senate race in Kentucky

  4. Rand Paul Responds to Medicare Flap

    GOP candidate for Kentucky Senate seat under fire for 2009 comment on Medicare deductible

  5. Rand Paul : 'Tea Party Tidal Wave'

    Republican candidate wins Kentucky Senate seat

  6. Rand Paul Claims Victory in Kentucky

    'We've come to take our government back'

  7. Rand Paul : Tea Party Is Shaping the Debate

    Senate candidate on reforming Washington

  8. Rand Paul's Take on Tea Party Imposters

    Kentucky Senate candidate on man caught on tape allegedly attempting to impersonate a racist supporter

  9. New Rand Paul Ad

    Ad from Kentucky's Republican Senate candidate features Obama impersonator

  10. Gloves Come Off During Rand Paul -Jack Conway Debate

    Fight for Kentucky Senate gets dirty

  11. Battle Lines Being Drawn

    New Republican majority ready to take reins and tackle debt

  12. Will Tea Party Take Kentucky ?

    Rand Paul confident while Bill Clinton campaigns for Dem candidate for Senate

  1. The Tea Party Candidate

    Dr . Rand Paul running for Kentucky Senate

  2. Rand Paul on Tea Party's Future

    Kentucky's senator-elect on 'Fox & Friends'

  3. 5 GOP Freshmen to Watch

    New lawmakers generating most buzz

  4. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 03/20/11

    A new twist in the Libyan Crisis

  5. Hannity

    Thursday, 9p ET: Will a budget showdown in DC turn into a government shutdown across America? Senator Rand Paul has answers and insight!

  6. Light Bulb Legislation Sparks Debate

    Lawmakers look to repeal energy-saving law

  7. Will Congress Hold the Line on Spending?

    Sen. Jerry Moran weighs in

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